Kuraiya (区ライ屋 Kuraiya) was a Renown Shinobi from Konohagakure,Kuraiya was originally from the Land of Element and from the Land of Element four continent the Fire Nation Kuraiya was also the Yosokage who were renown to possess 4 Element Tonjutsu and master of 4 Element Kuraiya was force to leave his due to have Major conflict with his Friend Sozai the Fire Lord who plan Military Dominace Kuraiya transfer his Yosokage Chakra to his a new Yosokage recarnation who later became his student Kuraiya later became the Sixth Hokage (六代目火影, Rokudaime Hokage, Literally meaning: Sixth Fire Shadow). after the Fourth Great Shinobi War Ended Kuraiya made several reform such at Chunin Exam and Law Reform it greatly improve not only Konoha but also the other five hidden Villages he eventually retire as Hokage and pass down to his student Naruto Uzumaki


Kuraiya was a wise calm and patient individual and never lost his cool and was unaffected by Naruto outburst

Kuraiya also was fearless such being unaffected by Tsunade and Sakura outrage and Mei threatening when she misheard him Kuraiya also had a strong ideas of peace and balance he also had a belief that those who seek power will destined to fall and those who show conserve to people and love will triumph and believe people must use their strength to protect those who precious to them believe Love and Strength is the True key to peace

He also shown himself to be laid back at time however he can be serious at most time he prefer to be Pacific and will prevent any extreme measure prefer negotiation before force