Kurashi was a Shinobi from Iwagakure and the most recent Jinchuriki of the Ten Tail and later learn how to control it.He later becomes the Fifth Tsuchikage (六代目水影, Godaime Tsuchikage, Literally meaning: Fifth Earth Shadow).


Kurashi is like his grandfather he is a proud headstrong and boastful individual.Kurashi is also shown to be a delinquent and had a bit of a jock attitude he also isn't one to properly respected other or rank he call people without specific Horonfic,

Part IIEdit

Kurashi Kurotsuchi Kitsuchi and Akatsuchi were selected as Bodyguard to escorted the Third Tsuchikage to the Five Kage meeting. When they were leaving the Tsuchikage hurt his hips trying to carry his own luggage, When Kurotsuchi suggested that he should retire Kurashi insist that he should pass it down title of Tsuchikage to him although Onoki refuse insist that Kurashi is still young to become Tsuchikage. Despite this, they managed to arrive at the Land of Iron without further incidents. During the meeting