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  • Raikōgan
  • 雷光眼
  • Raikōgan
Literal English
  • Lightning Eye
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Raikōgan (雷光眼, Raikōgan; lit. meaning "Lightning eye") is a powerful dōjutsu of the former and current jinchūriki of the Raijū and the Raijū themselves. With this unique dōjutsu, the user is able to be quick as lightning and teleport wherever they want like the Space-Time Ninjutsu.[1] Its higher form, the Divine Raikōgan, is able to slow down a horde of enemies by just looking at them, but this technique is only used by shinobi wielding Lightning Release and a massive amount of chakra.[2] Also, the Raikōgan can be passed on to the descendants of the jinchūriki, thus being classified as a kekkei genkai.

Trivia Edit

  • Sensō Shinno, the First Ryūkage (初代龍影, Shodai Ryūkage), is said to have possessed a Raikōgan-like dōjutsu.
  • In legends, elders from Arashigakure (嵐隠れの里, Arashigakure No Sato) has once said that the Raikōgan is able to copy or mimic jutsu of another person and paralyze the person the possessor has made an eye contact to, much like the Sharingan.

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