The Shinobi General is ninja rank that is only second to the Kage Shinobi General is the second command in the entire village they only answerable to the Kage they command the entire village military other then Kage this rank exist only with in the Five great nation they work somewhere near the Kage Office


This rank was create by Kuraiya the Sixth Hokage he encourage the other Shinobi Nation to do same Kuraiya selected Kakashi to become the Shinobi General after the Fourth Shinobi World War Kuraiya reason to create this rank is build trust for everyone in the village and prevent any sign of discord with village clan and also in case if he died then issue that the Ninja General is a candidate to be the Kage and give them the authority to appoint a Kage to prevent Damiyo from being involve in the Village Affair and also prevent any Elder of the Village from interfering any decision that he made or Kakashi and do needed permission from them

A Shinobi General oversees the activities of their village other then the Kage, from sending ninja on missions to making the hard decisions regarding the safety of their people.if the village kage was absent then the Shinobi General automatically command the entire village authority

Shinobi General are regarded as the second strongest only to the Kage

List of Shinobi GeneralEdit

Konohagakure Shinobi GeneralEdit

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