The Shinobi Lieutenant is the Third Highest rank in a shinobi village there are only three post for a Shinobi Lieutenant they command more then Five thousand shinobi the Shinobi Lieutenant are crowned as one of the most powerful shinobi in their village and it greatest military power and they are second to the Shinobi General and Third to the Kage


The Shinobi Lieutenant was create by Kuraiya the same time when create the Shinobi General Kuraiya selected Naoto and later Naruto to be the Ninja Lieutenant third spot was vacant Shinobi are in charage protect the village if the Kage themselves are away since they are consider the greatest military power with in their village Shinobi Lieutenant are value by their village and a single lost of a Shinobi Lieutenant left a very detrimental impact on a village military strength such example when one Lieutenant Shigo of Sunagakure who most power lieutenant that the village has vanish despite the entire village search for him they were force to give up on the search and appoint a new Lieutenant

Shinobi Lieutenant have at least above-average leadership and co-ordination skills in organizing large regiments of Shinobi easily as they are one of greatest Military Power in their village they are widely fear through out the entire shinobi world and many different shinobi from different nation panic from the presence of a Shinobi Lieutenant

List of LieutenantEdit